We Offer

Services to clients

● We review client's insurance needs and conduct insurance satisfaction surveys where necessary.
● We analyze existing covers, identify gaps, and customize new insurance requirements specifically designed for the client’s needs.
● We negotiate with insurance companies, and get an independent quotation with comprehensive coverage for the most competitive price.
● We conduct comparable analysis of terms submitted in RFP (prices, coverage, exclusions).
● We place the risks and monitor issuing according documents.

Service after Insurance

● Assigned personal service manager to deal with everyday inquiries.
● Fast, efficient, and professional consultation regarding disputed claims.
● Insurance satisfaction survey and constant monitoring.
● Providing independent advice to our clients.
● Updating insurance contracts as necessary according to new changes in the legislation.

Services to Insurers

● Support to explain complex insurance covers to the clients.
● Technical expertise in data capture and risk presentation.
● A cost-effective distribution network.
● Direct reinsurance possibilities through WTW network
● Development and implementation of new products.

International Clients

● Capability to administer fronting policies.
● Legal watch and compliance with local regulations.
● Compliance of local insurance policies with global insurance requirements.
● Local market analysis, Benchmarking.
● Analysis of various product terms and prices.