Our company started operating in Georgia in 2011 as an affiliate of French broker Gras Savoye. In 2017 Gras Savoye was acquired by leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company Willis Towers Watson. As a result, nowadays, we are a correspondent partner of WTW, and we operate under the legal name of LLC Insurance Broker GS. We have implemented WTW standards and procedures in our company, and we act according to our international Code of Conduct.

Our constant strive for excellence and strong client focus have resulted in steady growth since 2011. Nowadays, GS serves more than 250 local and international clients, and the company cooperates with leading local insurance companies and numerous reinsurance companies worldwide. GS is the leader on the Georgian insurance market in the insurance direction. According to 2022 statistics, our company manages an insurance portfolio of 25 million GEL.

GS is one of the leaders on the Georgian insurance market in the insurance and reinsurance directions. According to 2023 statistics, our company manages an insurance portfolio of 21 million GEL.

In developed countries, more than 90% of businesses use brokerage services; in Georgia, this rate is less than 7%. GS’s purpose is to increase this rate and to develop a culture of having independent insurance consultants.

We attribute our success to our team. Insurance Broker GS employees have more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Our company is a Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) member, and employees hold respective insurance certificates/diplomas. Our employees help clients navigate a complex insurance market and solve everyday problems.

About Us Our Team

ქეთა ფავლენიშვილი

Keta Pavlenishvili

Partner keta.pavlenishvili@gsg.com.ge

ნინო ქობლიანიძე

Nino Koblianidze

Commercial Director nino.koblianidze@gsg.com.ge

ანა თოდუა

Ana Todua

Operations Director ani.todua@gsg.com.ge

მარიამ ტაბაღუა

Mariam Tabagua

Senior Client Advisor mariam.tabagua@gsg.com.ge

სოფიო იოსელიანი

Sophio Ioseliani

SME Client Advisor sophio.ioseliani@gsg.com.ge

გვანცა შენგელია

Gvantsa Shengelia

Operations Manager gvantsa.shengelia@gsg.com.ge

ანა ბახუტაშვილი

Ana Bakhutashvili

Reinsurance Specialist ana.bakhutashvili@gsg.com.ge

თიკო მჭედლიანი

Tiko Mchedliani

Service Manager tiko.mchedliani@gsg.com.ge

ნინი ჩხაიძე

Nini Chkhaidze

Business Development Manager nini.chkhaidze@gsg.com.ge